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Benefits Of Metal Roofing For A Commercial Business


Durable & Low Life Cycle Costs

Metal roofing is more durable than most other roofing systems available. Due to this, metal roofing has low life cycle costs and will last a very long time on your commercial property. Trust us, the experts and call the best commercial metal roofing contractor near me Arlington Heights, IL.

One Of The Most Energy Efficient Roof Material

Metal roofing is known to provide great energy savings compared to other non-metal roofing products. This is due to the fact that metal roofs reflect heat up and way from buildings. It also comes in a variety of designs, finishes, and colors.

Fire & Wind Protection

Metal roofing is very fire resistant. On top of this, metal roof systems can also be designed to withstand extremely strong winds (which comes handy when owning a commercial building in the Midwest).

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Metal Roof

Provide long term value to your commercial building with the best metal roofing contractor in Arlington Heights, IL

You may or may not realize that metal roofs are everywhere. Due to their longevity, durability to withstand the elements, and minimal upkeep level and strength; we are of a strong option to consider metal roofing advantageous for any commercial business and commercial property owner.

Commercial metal roofing is an investment, but it is one that can outlast other roof types with ease (at least 3x the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof). As a local commercial metal roof company in Arlington Heights for over 23 years, we do our best to give you a commercial metal roof quote that fits your budget and  and vision for your commercial building.

When it comes to the variety of metal roof types, there are plenty of options available. Click on the pop tabs, to see the different kinds of commercial metal roof options for your buildings- from Galvalume Roofs, to Copper Roofs, to Aluminum roofs and Zinc roofs.

At Arlington Heights Promar Roofing, we are the professional commercial roofers that know how to install and replace commercial metal roofs. Your search for the best commercial metal roofing company commercial is over. 

Types of Commercial Metal Roofs (click Tab)

Galvalume roofing material combines three of the most important metals used in roofing today- steel, aluminum, and zinc. It is the least expensive metal roofing material in comparison to the other options.

Unique Benefits of Galvalume Roofing:
-Corrosion Resistant
-Most Budge Friendly
-An Array of Color Options
-Can Be Installed Over Existing Roof

Aluminum roofing is one of the most popular metals in the world. Being the third most abundant metal on earth, it can stand up to extremely harsh weather conditions. 

Unique Benefits Of Aluminum Roofing:

-No Rusting/Corroding
-Medium Price Point
-Lightweight Strength
-Highly Recyclable
-Readily Available

If you’re looking for a metal roof that will stand the test of time, zinc is a great choice. It is the 23rd most abundant element on Earth’s crust. 

Unique Benefits of Zinc Roofing:

-Lasts 60-100 Years
-Energy Saving
-Easy Maintenance

Copper roofing has been around for hundreds, if not thousand of years. It is known that the Romans used it to cover the Pantheon in 27 B.C.

Unique Benefits of Copper Roofing:

-Extremely Lightweight
-Energy Efficient
-Lasts 100+ Years
-Solderable: Unlike other roofing materials, copper can be soldered. This means that the roof and wall flashings as well as gutter joints will be weather tight with a soldered connection. 

Stainless Steel is most notably known for its strength- making it a high end metal that could be the right choice for homeowners. 

Unique Benefits Of Stainless Steel Roofing: 

-Withstands Extreme Weather and Temps
-Won’t Expand/Contract due to Temperature Fluctuations
-Lasts 60+ Years
-Variety of Finish Options

Which metal Roofing Is Best For My Commercial Property Business?

If you’re not sure which type of commercial metal roof is best for your commercial building? Arlington Heights Promar Roofing is here to help. With over twenty three years of experience in the metal roofing commercial industry, we work side by side with you to select the perfect metal roof that will match your business property, your vision, and your budget. Contact us for a Commercial Metal Roof Replacement Quote in Arlington Heights, today.  

Our Process


Free Consultation

Once an appointment is scheduled, our professional commercial metal roof representative will arrive to your appointment and coordinate the details of your desired roofing project, your vision for your commercial building and your budget. 



Your trusted representative will give you your free commercial metal roofing quote with all the details discussed during the appointment.



When the material for your roofing project is ready, Promar will give you a call to schedule an installation date. Our team will arrive on time, tear off the old roof, and professionally install a new commercial metal roof


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Promar will remove all debris and leave your property looking clean and orderly. 

Time to enjoy your new commercial metal roof replacement and feel confident in the investment knowing that you hired the best commercial metal roofing company in Arlington Heights, Illinois!

Which Commercial Metal Roof Material Is Best?

Commercial Metal Roof Types

Commercial Standing Seam Metal Roof

Commercial Standing Seam metal roofs are weather tight systems that have instant curb appeal for those looking for a long term investment. They're a popular investment for warehouses and churches alike. These commercial metal roof last between 40-70 years years, and can withstand harsh climates and winds up to 140 mph.

Commercial Aluminum Metal Roof

Commercial Aluminum Roofs are one of the most popular metals. They don't corrode nor have an issue with rusting. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and being the third most abundant metal on Earth, there is no chance of it running out.

Commercial Zinc Metal Roof

Commercial zinc metal roofs are a popular commercial roofing option. Simply put, they're easy to maintain and are made of the 23rd most abundant metal on earth.

Commercial Copper Metal Roof

Commercial copper roofs have been around for hundred of years and will fair very well on any commercial building that needs metal roof replacement. It's extremely lightweight and energy efficient. A great commercial roofing option for a commercial property.

Commercial Stainless Steel Metal Roof

Commercial stainless steel roofs are known for their strength. What's great about a stainless steel metal roof for a commercial property is that it won't expand or contract with the weather temperature fluctuations. It will also easily withstand extreme weather conditions.

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"Arlington Heights Promar Roofing is a solid company that does the job right. Clear communication from start to finish. Their team is honest, responsive, and hard working. Our new commercial Metal roof looks fantastic. Thanks for being the best Commercial metal roofing Contractor I've had the pleasure of working with."

Jim W.

Commercial Building Owner

"Very knowledgable team that knew exactly how to communicate information directly without any fluff. The new aluminum metal roof replacement looks great on our commercial building. The Promar team from the sales rep, to installation crew, to secretary was a pleasure to work with. Hire these guys for your metal roof project before they fully book up."
Alexander H.
Metal Roof Commercial Property Owner
“Great experience working with Arlington Heights Promar Roofing. They really listen to your needs and help you find the best metal roof for your commercial building. I appreciated the clear communication and beautiful galvalume metal roof on our commercial property. They're the best commercial sheet metal roofing company I've had the pleasure to work with after 10 years of being in the industry. "
Jackie T.
Commercial Property Owner
"The new metal roof put on our apartment complex has transformed the building entirely. I highly recommend Arlington Heights Promar Roofing and will be using them for future commercial metal roof replacement to come.
Samuel N.
Apartment Complex Owner
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